Market Analysis

Market analysis allows you to identify key players in the markets and know the problems of your products or service. 

Sales Analysis

Reviewing sales data periodically, can help your business make better decisions about your products’ pricing, placing, promotion and supply chain movement. 

Customer Analysis

Understanding customer needs is very crucial, and will significantly impact the  success of your business. 

Financial Analysis

To get the real picture of your financial status, and improve profitability, visibility and value of your Company, make financial analysis periodically.

Supply Chain Analysis

In order to decide which part of the supply chain to be improved or shortened efficiently to deliver the products more quickly to the clients , partner with SHINE Analytics .

Service Delivery Analysis

To meet your objectives, it’s extremely important to evaluate availability, accessibility and quality of your services for target beneficiaries or clients.

Trainings-Data quality & mgt

 Effective data quality & management  grantees accurate, complete, consistent and valid datasets, which is key for data driven-decisions.  

Digital Marketing

The globe is moving to digital marketing, and to this regard; SHINE helps its clients stand out from their competitors in the congested markets.

Employee Survey

Knowing elements that motivate or demotivate  employees are key for business growth & sustainability.

Internal Systems Building

SHINE helps businesses & organizations build and maintain an effective operations and strategic management systems.

Expert Advice

SHINE experts provide helpful guidance on all areas of the above services